The Unity Party of Colorado, the Colorado affiliate of the 40-state Unity Party of America, fights for Centrist values in the heart of the country.

The Unity Party last became officially recognized in Colorado in August 2014, when then US Senate candidate Bill Hammons successfully petitioned onto the statewide ballot as a “Unity” candidate and placed the Unity Party on the state’s voter registration form (Hammons had first achieved his singular feat in 2008 in a US House race). Unity Party voter registrations then grew dramatically, and the Unity Party moved from Qualified Political Organization status to full party status in the state on D-Day in June 2017 (starting in 2018, the Unity Party was able to place all of its nominees directly onto the General Election ballots, no more petitioning required). In that 2018 election, the Unity Party fielded multiple statewide and local candidates, shattering all previous electoral records for this upstart political organization.

Starting in 2020, the Unity Party Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates will be placed directly onto the November General Election ballot in Colorado and perhaps elsewhere, so tell your favorite independent candidate for President to check out the Unity Party and join us for our Spring 2020 convention to be held in Denver!

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