For Unity Party of Colorado State Officers, please see the United Colorado Committee page. Also please note that this is by no means a complete list of the Unity Party of Colorado state membership (which now runs into the 1000s). These are merely more active members who have signed up through the national sign-up form in addition to affiliating with “Unity” as a Colorado voter.

  1. James Treibert > Adams County Chair
  2. Jamie Charlesworth-Dias > Adams County Vice Chair
  3. Rob Corn > Arapahoe County Chair
  4. Tony Ploughe > Arapahoe County Vice Chair
  5. Matthew Turner > Boulder County Chair (630) 452-0556
  6. Tim Wolf > Boulder County Vice Chair
  7. Elijah Herson > Unity Party of Boulder County Creative Director
  8. Kendall Brown > Boulder County Asst. Vice Chair
  9. Jessica Wittmer > Boulder County Sr. Deputy Asst. Vice Chair
  10. Ryan Chaknova > Boulder County Jr. Deputy Asst. Vice Chair (303) 478-3080
  11. Dakota Brown > Delta County Chair
  12. Troy Brekke > Denver County Chair
  13. Linda Linton > Denver County Vice Chair
  14. Fitz Scott > Denver County Asst. Vice Chair
  15. Paul Zaentz-Lewis > Douglas County Chair
  16. Brian Halterman > Douglas County Vice Chair (714) 454-4101
  17. Rebecca Keltie > El Paso County Chair
  18. Ryan Arthur > El Paso County Vice Chair
  19. Marsha Rice > El Paso County Asst. Vice Chair (719) 726-1445
  20. Dr. Paul Abair > El Paso County Sr. Deputy Asst. Vice Chair
  21. Chad Wimberly > El Paso County Jr. Deputy Asst. Vice Chair
  22. Andrew Ross > Jefferson County Chair
  23. Eddie Lewis > Jefferson County Vice Chair
  24. Elizebeth Pine > Jefferson County Sr. Deputy Asst. Vice Chair
  25. Brendan Hickham > Jefferson County Jr. Deputy Asst. Vice Chair
  26. Aidan King > Larimer County Chair
  27. Joshua Merriman > Mesa County Chair
  28. Roger Nash > Montezuma County Chair (806) 500-5895
  29. Diane Nash > Montezuma County Vice Chair (720) 955-1553
  30. Maggie Tevault > Montezuma County Deputy Vice Chair
  31. Ray Roman > Pueblo County Chair
  32. John Clavel > Rio Grande County Chair
  33. Darren Danke > Yuma County Chair

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    Matthew Turner

    Hey guys! I love the concept of this party and would like to learn more / get involved. There is a mainstream canidate running on your slogan “Not left, not right, but forward.” His name is Andrew Yang! I wonder if Yang would ever be interested in being a member of this party in the future.

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    Eric neuman

    Another question,

    What is difference between unity party and independent party.

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    Mr. Neuman,

    Look at the stats on that page more carefully > we’ve never claimed to have millions of voters in Colorado.

    Also, I believe you’re referring to “Unaffiliated” voters in Colorado. We’re a full-fledged organization. There are “Independent” parties in numerous States (typically so named to mislead voters intending to not be affiliated with any party), but in Colorado and most other states “Independent” refers to “Unaffiliated” or otherwise-designated voters who have no party affiliation.

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