Help the Unity Party of Colorado keep watch on the Denver Duopoly currently ruling over the State by means of the General Assembly (state legislature).

Check back here and click on this link to check this page on the General Assembly website frequently, searching for any bills at all which might or might not be in the “Elections and Redistricting” section, and let the national party know by email at immediately so we can keep legislative nefariousness at bay.

(In 2019, the Colorado General Assembly passed a bill basically outlawing the creation of new third parties in the state by making it extremely difficult if not impossible to repeat the singular success of the Unity Party’s Bill Hammons in petitioning onto the General Election ballot as a third party candidate. While this legislation benefits a party like Unity that’s already “in the club,” any American who values democracy should be troubled by the passage of this ominous legislation and keep an eye out for any additional legislation which could potentially outlaw third parties altogether or throw up artificial barriers to the innovation and competition which Unity is already bringing to the political arena.)

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