Saturday, April 4, 2020

The next Unity Party of Colorado Candidate Nomination Convention will be held on Saturday April 4, 2020 at a venue along the Highway 36 Corridor northwest of Denver.

Note that the exact venue is TBD and will be determined once we get a better sense of the potential 2020 crowds. Also note all times below are subject to change (check back here frequently).

Please note that, while the general public along with the media are welcome and encouraged to attend, all those who wish to vote at the state convention will need to update their voter registration to “Unity” no later than January 1st per the state party constitution. Red voting cards numbered sequentially will be issued to all voters.

***Also, due to the dramatic increase in participation we anticipate at this convention, photo ID (drivers license, state ID card, passport, military ID or employee ID) will be required for identity verification purposes when you check in and verify that you are indeed a registered Unity Party of Colorado voter.

Finally, note that, per state law and the state party constitution, the Unity Party nominee for a specific office must receive at least 30% of the Assembly (Convention) vote on the first or second ballot > if no candidate receives 30% by the second vote, the top two vote-getters are placed on the June 30th primary ballot. Unity Party candidates may also petition onto the primary ballot before the Assembly/Convention. All Unity Party nominees will each need to complete a notarized acceptance of candidacy form before departing for the day (we’ll provide a notary public). See Ballotpedia’s explanation of the process.

A separate Unity Party of America Presidential Nomination Convention will possibly be held in Roswell, New Mexico in July (again, depending on potential participation).

  • 8AM Debate for US Senate Candidates seeking Unity Party of Colorado Nomination
  • 9AM Presentation on Approval Voting by Frank Atwood and Blake Huber of AVP
  • 930AM Presentation on Range Voting by Gary Swing
  • 10AM Presentation on Proportional Representation by Jesse Kumin
  • 11AM Voting on Proposed Amendments to Unity Party of Colorado Constitution
  • 11AM Approval Voting
  • 12PM Voting on Unity Party Nominees for 2020 General Election
  • 12PM Colorado US Senate Candidates
  • 1215PM US House Candidates
  • 1230PM Colorado General Assembly (State Legislature) Candidates
  • 1245PM Presidential / Vice Presidential Candidates (Possible Separate Convention)

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