Colorado’s newest political party, the Unity Party of Colorado, states that their platform is ‘synonymous with the Unity Party of America platform‘ which is clearly articulated on their website, where they endorse a balanced budget amendment, eliminating the federal income tax, and congressional and judicial term limits among plenty of other issues.”
The Denver Post
The Unity Party of Boulder County Leadership at their November 2020 website meeting!
Join Uniters across the US every 2nd Friday of the month for Forward Fridays (next FF 2/12)!

The Unity Party of Colorado, the Centennial State affiliate of the 42-State Unity Party of America, is the newest party officially recognized by the State and the first to be recognized in decades (read the SoS press release). Follow the in-image links below to the campaign websites of our growing roster of Colorado and national candidates!

The Unity Party of America, a Centrist organization in 42 States and counting, is fighting for Balanced Budgets, Term Limits, the outlawing of partisan Gerrymandering and many other Common Sense positions (in other words, Coloradans, we’re fighting for you and every other American).

Unity Party Presidential and Colorado Candidates

Media Inquiries should be directed to Communications Director Eric Bodenstab @ (719) 800-1604. Real-time updates can be found in the Unity Party of America Facebook Group as well as the Unity Party of Colorado Facebook Page.

Donations should be made directly to the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America (donation link here and below):

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    #unityparty link to national site now up

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    The Battle for Ballot Access has concluded successfully! On to November!

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    Michael Lopez

    Hello, my name is, Michael. I found your argument as well as the one your party put forward. I find the Unity Party of Colorado will be a continued vote from. Thank you, Mr. Evans, and I hope to enter into politics in the same stance I have read tonight.

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    Michael Lopez

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